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What are the forms of stamping and drawing dies?

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  1. The form of stamping and drawing dies

1. Formal features

The surface of the punched workpiece is relatively flat to provide conditions for our subsequent processing.

2. Flip-chip features

It is very convenient to operate and has a wide range of applications, but the flatness of the workpiece surface is relatively poor, and the tension on the punch and die is relatively large, so the wall thickness of the punch and die should be strictly controlled to avoid insufficient strength.

After analysis, it is very inconvenient to operate the workpiece if it adopts a formal-type conforming mold. In addition, the workpiece has higher straightness requirements and relatively low workpiece accuracy requirements, so it is easy to operate. Considering the simplicity of mold manufacturing and other aspects, it was decided that the second, third and fourth deep drawing should be inverted, and the first deep drawing should be formal.

Through the above introduction, we can understand that there are two forms of stamping and drawing dies, which are formal and inverted, and different forms should be selected according to different production processes.

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