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Stamping Die Components

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stamping die is usually composed of fixed die and movable die. The fastener is fixed to the press table with a clamping plate and screw, which is called the lower die. The movable part is fixed to the sliding block of the punch, i.e. the upper die. Then the upper die moves up and down with the sliding block for stamping.
Different components can be divided into 5 categories according to their functions:

  1. Working parts: Working die parts are used for stamping, which can directly deform and separate sheet metal parts to obtain stamping parts. Such as punch blade, die blade, punch matrix, etc.
  2. Test piece: The function of the pilot element is to control the feed direction and feed pitch of raw materials, and to ensure the correct position of the raw material plate of the die. Such as pins, positioning pins, guide pins, pin pins, pin plates, side clamping plates, etc.
  3. Pressing, stripping and lifting parts: These stamping die parts are designed to ensure that stamping parts and waste materials can be discharged from the die after each stamping, so that the next production can proceed smoothly. For example: stripper, revamp, waste blade, etc.
  4. Guide Components: These stamping die components are used to ensure the correct direction of the upper and lower dies in the relative movement process, so that the punch and female die inserts have a uniform gap, thus improving the quality of stamping parts.
  5. Installation of fastening components: The function of these progressive die components is to connect the above four types of stamping die components together to ensure that the relative position of each die component is correct and that the die can be installed on the punch. .
    Of course, this is not to say that each stamping die should have more than 5 die components. Once the stamping die is used for prototype or small batch production, to shorten the validation time and save cost, sometimes it could simplify the stamping die structure, which only has working components, stripping components and several fastened components. But for high volume mass production tools, except for the above 5 types of die components, there will be additional automatic feeding and ejection devices added to the stamping die, which can ensure the quality of the stamping part and increase the production efficiency rate and tool life time.

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