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Characteristics of metal stamping parts

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Metal stamping parts are widely used in life and are one of the most common metal products. stamping parts have many characteristics. Stamping plants need to understand the characteristics of stamping parts in order to achieve better production. . Zhejiang Balford Precision Stamping – Over the past 20 years, we have been committed to the customized processing of precision stamping parts and accumulated rich experience. Next, Balford precision stamping will introduce the main features of stamping parts.

  1. The materials for the production and processing of metal stamping parts mainly include cold rolled, hot rolled, stainless steel plate, copper and other metal strips.
  2. The advantage of stamping parts is that they are made by stamping on the premise of low material consumption. . Stamping parts are light in weight and have good toughness. After plastic deformation of raw materials, the structure of metal components is improved, gradually increasing the compressive strength of the stamping parts produced.
  3. In the whole production process of stamping parts, since the surface of the material will not be damaged, it has good surface quality, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful, which provides convenience for surface treatment such as surface spraying, electroplating process, air oxidation, etc.
  4. Stamping parts have high specification accuracy. Stamping parts produced by the same die have uniform size and good interchangeability. General installation and application requirements can be met without further processing

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