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What Is Deep-Drawing Stamping

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deep drawing is a metal stamping process, which is used to make metal sheets into various hollow axisymmetric parts. This form of metal stamping includes applying a punching force to the metal plate to pull it radially into the die cavity. First, sheet metal is placed on the forming die. The plate is fixed at the end by the pressure applied by the edge retainer. Then use the mechanical stamping tool to apply axial force to the metal plate to deform the workpiece and flow into the mold cavity to produce the desired shape. Almost all manufacturing industries are likely to benefit from the deep drawing manufacturing process. This technology may be most suitable for manufacturing small stamping parts, such as electronic caps, housings, and assembled housings. However, products of various shapes and sizes can be economically manufactured through this process, including items such as aluminum cans, cookware, and kitchen sinks. In mass production, deep drawing is particularly beneficial, because as the number of units increases, unit costs are significantly reduced: once the tools and molds are created, the process can continue with almost no downtime or maintenance costs.

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