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Deep Drawing Metal Stamping

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Metal parts are essential in the construction and construction of medical devices. They must have high precision, durability and biocompatibility for internal and external use. Due to its huge versatility, metal stamping allows the medical industry to rapidly and efficiently produce and improve these tools.

One of the most powerful applications of metal stamping is the production of implantable medical device parts, which must maintain their shape and be very easy to disinfect.

In addition, this process provides a good way to produce customized options. Metal stamping adds a wide range of standard and custom medical devices, such as:

Battery pack.

Shield and half shell.

Capacitor element implantable cardioverter defibrillator.

Stamped and machined seals, seals and joints.

Neuromodulation project.

Implantable cardiac pacemaker.

Ventricular assist device.

Implantable drug infusion pump.

Implantable hearing aids.

Heju Stamping has developed a variety of products for the medical market. Our most unique products include:

Equipment chassis.

All permanently implanted medical devices, including cardiac pacemakers, cochlear devices, cardiac defibrillators, and drug pumps, are made of titanium. Titanium is the only metal that the human body will not reject.

Implantable components.

The implantable components include the external shielding of the device, the battery housing, and other components. By designing and manufacturing custom molds, Heju stamping uses metal stamping technology to manufacture parts for various purposes, which are cheap and fast.

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