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Metal Stamping Cost Reduction

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The rational production of metal stamping parts is to reduce development costs, improve material utilization, reduce material consumption and save processing time. The rationalization of the stamping process is an effective way to reduce production costs.
A. In the stamping process, keeping the machine running continuously can improve the production speed.
B. Press stability can ensure stable performance in the process.
C.C. Raise awareness of safe operation. Replace manual operation with tools in the production process.
D. Improve die performance and reduce material loss rate.
E. Strictly control the quality of materials according to customer drawings.
F. Operate in strict compliance with SOP/SIP standards to reduce scrap rates.Zhejiang Balford Precision Stamping has always been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality precision, turning and sheet metal stamping metal parts from brass, copper, aluminum, SUS. We also deal with various auxiliary metal components in switchgear, fuse gears, miniature circuit breakers, pumps, telecommunications, electrical and automotive.

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