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Metal Spring Clip

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Metal spring clips are usually made of stainless steel or manganese alloy after heat treatment and are important parts of electronic switches. The spring clamp plays an important role in the high-quality switch between the operator and the product. At the same time, stable toughness and long life performance will provide good tactile feedback for the operator.

Material Science

Generally, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese and other materials are used to manufacture metal spring clips. Factors such as heat resistance, quenching, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and elastic limit should be considered comprehensively.


Metal spring clip is mainly used to control the movement of machinery, store and output energy, absorb vibration and impact energy, and is also a force measuring element.


Metal spring clips have been widely used in various fields, especially in the mechanical and electrical industry, mainly in electronics, electrical appliances, advertising, IT, communications, automobiles, buildings, furniture, bags, craft gifts, sports equipment, clothing, outdoor, etc.

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