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How to deal with surface oxidation of sheet metal processing castings?

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First, the main equipment of sheet metal processing manufacturers

1. Sports equipment: ordinary drill, cleaning car, conversion bed, numerical control (CNC).

2. Cutting equipment: ordinary shift, CNC tilt, laser cutting machine, CNC punch.

3. Surface treatment equipment: The motor consists of electrical, electrolyte shell, oxidation through wire, color.

4. Adjust the equipment: Customize the equipment.

5. Welding: argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide shielded welding device, electric welding machine and automatic welding machine.

Laser cutting is a metal plate made by laser cutting, and the plate thickness processed cold plate hot rolled plate is less than or equal to. 0 mm, less than 10.0 mm for stainless steel. The advantages are the thickness of the machined plate, the cutting and machining flexibility of the workpiece. The disadvantage is that it cannot be processed, the mesh is not suitable for processing, and the computing power is high.

From the above characteristics of precision plate processing, it can be seen that compared with positive materials, calendered materials have a greater price advantage. Although there are still gaps between the quality of calendered materials and positive materials, these gaps are gradually narrowing with the improvement of calendering production process and production technology, which are also welcomed by downstream end users.

Generally speaking, stainless steel cold-rolled materials are mainly used in civil industry. In order to maximize profits, downstream enterprises must control production costs. The price difference between the stainless steel material and the narrow strip just provides a living space for the stainless steel narrow strip indusry.

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