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Sheet Metal Stamping Process

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The sheet metal stamping process is to press the hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel plate into the shape required for manufacturing parts. This technology allows a large number of parts to be produced at the same time, but it can also lead to the scrapping of about 15% of raw materials. This kind of equipment used in this method requires less space than other methods. Therefore, if your space is limited, this type of manufacturing may be the most suitable for your business. When selecting the sheet metal stamping method, three types of dies are mainly used – cutting, punching and bending.

Cutting includes cutting a part from a metal plate. This is done by striking the metal plate with the mold, which cuts it into the desired shape. The edges of stamping parts will have burrs, so they need to be drilled or machined before use.

Stamping is the process of placing a metal plate between two molds and pressing them together to make a hole in the metal plate.

Bending is the use of die pressure to deform the metal. This type of stamping is usually used to make parts with curves.

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