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How to improve the processing deformation of hardware accessories?

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  1. What are the main points of hardware accessories processing?

1. The machining accuracy of the parts changes due to internal force. Skilled workers know that during machining, the part is clamped by the three jaws of the lathe to ensure that the forces the part is subjected to during machining are stable over time. It will loosen the lathe chuck, reduce the force on the part and cause deformation.

2. Deformation easily occurs during heat treatment. When machining some thin and small parts, it is usually necessary to heat treat them first. At this time, if the professional knowledge of the technicians is not solid and the structural performance of these parts is not well understood, it is easy to cause the parts to bend.

3. The parts are elastically deformed under the action of external force. When machining parts, lathes and fixtures are often used. When the two are not uniform, the uneven force on the fixed parts will occur, and the deformation will occur when the force is small.

Second, the improvement measures of hardware accessories processing

1. After the parts are heat treated and deformed naturally, they are trimmed with professional cutting tools to ensure the perfection of the parts.

2. Carry out technical transformation to improve the rigidity of components.

Technicians need to improve the process, increase innovation, select the appropriate heat treatment method, change the stiffness of the parts, so that the parts are not easily deformed.

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