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Appearance acceptance criteria for metal stamping dies

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  1. Appearance acceptance criteria for metal stamping dies

1. The content of the mold nameplate is complete, the characters are clear, and the arrangement is neat.

2. The nameplate should be fixed where the die foot is close to the template and the reference angle. The nameplate is fixed reliably and is not easy to peel off.

  1. The cooling water nozzle shall not protrude from the surface of the mold base.

4. The cooling water nozzle should be marked with in and out.

5. The cooling water nozzle should be made of plastic block inserting water nozzle, and it should be selected according to the safety requirements of the customer.

6. The cooling water nozzle should be machined with countersunk holes, the orifice chamfered, and the chamfers should be consistent.

7. The marked English characters and numbers should be larger than 5/6, and the handwriting should be clear, beautiful, neat and evenly spaced 10mm below the faucet.

8. The mold accessories shall not affect the lifting and storage of the mold. During the installation process, there are exposed oil cylinders, faucets, pre-reset mechanisms, etc. below, which should be protected by supporting legs.

9. The installation of the support legs should be fixed on the mold base with screws through the support legs, and the excessively long support legs can be fixed on the mold base with the machined external thread columns.

10. The size of the ejection hole of the mold should meet the requirements of the specified injection molding machine. Except for small molds, it cannot be ejected with just one center/center.

11. The positioning ring should be fixed and reliable. The diameter of the positioning ring is 100mm and 250mm. The positioning ring is 10~20mm higher than the bottom plate. Unless otherwise requested by the customer.

12. The size of the mold should meet the requirements of the specified injection molding machine.

13. For molds required by the installation direction, the installation direction should be marked with an arrow on the front or rear template, and the word UP should be marked next to the arrow. The arrow and the text are both yellow, and the height of the word is 50 mm.

14. The mold should be easy to hoist and transport. Do not disassemble the mold parts during hoisting, and the lifting ring must not interfere with the faucet, oil cylinder, pre-reset rod, etc.

15. The surface of the mold base shall not have defects such as pits, rust, excess rings, water vapor in and out, and oil holes that affect the appearance.

2. Technical requirements for the appearance of stamping parts

Stamping parts have the following technical requirements in the process of production, storage and transportation:

1. Shape and size: The shape and size of the stamping part need to conform to the stamping part product drawing and technical documents.

2. Surface quality: In addition to punching, the surface condition of stamping parts should be consistent with the sheet material used. Slight bruising and small surface unevenness are allowed during the forming process, but it does not affect the next process and assembly. the quality of.

3. Burr: Stamping parts that are often cut or punched will generally have burrs, and the allowable height of burrs can be in accordance with the provisions of EQY-85-88 “Burr Height of Stamping Parts”.

4. Punching surface: the condition of punching surface is generally not specified;

5. Heat treatment: stamping parts are generally not heat treated after stamping and welding;

6. Supply status: The supply of stamping parts should ensure its basic quality status, in line with the stamping parts product drawing and inspection card.

In addition, stamping parts also need to meet their unique anti-rust requirements: stamping parts circulating in the factory must ensure 15 days of anti-rust time.

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