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multiple progressive dies deep drawing

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Multiple progressive dies deep drawing is a classic sheet metal forming technique which is used mostly for producing large numbers of products. It is a process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. With this process it is possible to create different kinds of 3 dimensional shapes out of different kinds of metal.

A disadvantage of deep drawing is that, first a die, or in case of a complex product, multiple progressive dies needs to be produced and the shape of the product can only be altered by altering the dies in combination with the entire deep drawing proces. However, due to high production rates compared to other techniques and optimal material efficiency, the overall advantage is the low price.

There are more possibilities then you might presume! One will need to take the step back to the drawingboard and start thinking in functionalities. We are able to assist! A product with high accuracy but low expenses.

China Balford has the knowledge and the machines to manufacture your products. Please ask about the possiblities.

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