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How to control the quality problems of metal stamping parts?

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First, the main characteristics of metal stamping parts

1. Metal stamping parts are manufactured under the premise of low material consumption. The parts are light in weight and good in rigidity. After plastic deformation, the internal structure of the metal is improved, and the strength of the stamping parts is improved.

2. The dimensional accuracy of metal stamping parts is high, the size of the same mold is uniform, and the interchangeability is good. Meets general assembly and use requirements without further processing.

3. During the stamping process, since the surface of the material is not damaged, the surface quality is good, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful, which provides convenient conditions for surface coating, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatments.

2. Control the quality problems of metal stamping parts

1. It is very important to test the first piece of metal stamping parts. In the first process before the mold is ready to be shipped, some stamping parts need to be trial-assembled, so that the relevant accessories can be trial-installed before production.

2. The hardware stamping parts are inspected according to the process time to prevent the variation in the stamping process, such as size problems when the production time is too long, and few holes caused by broken needles of the inserts.

3. Sampling inspection before the metal stamping parts flow into the next process to ensure the qualification of the material again.

The quality of metal stamping parts is very important for the quality of metal stamping parts, which is related to the use effect and longevity of stamping parts. The metal stamping parts mentioned above are the main products of Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical Co., Ltd., with many types, good die-casting effect and wide application range.

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