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What are the requirements for material properties of automotive stamping parts?

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1. Material performance requirements of automobile compartment parts

The shape of the parts of the carriage is not too complicated, and most of them adopt the roll forming process, which has certain requirements on the formability, rigidity, corrosion resistance and weldability of the material. Generally, high-strength steel plates with good shape, function and weldability are used. High-strength steel plates and ultra-fine-grained steels with a strength grade of 300-600 MPa are often used. ,

2. Performance requirements of automobile cab components for materials

The parts of the car cab are cover parts, which have complex shapes and complex shapes, but do not bear much force. Using the mold forming process, the forming function of the material becomes the main contradiction, so the material is required to have formability, tension rigidity, extensibility, dent resistance, corrosion resistance and weldability. In product design, the type of steel plate is often selected according to the stress and complex shape of the plate.

Generally, low-carbon cold-rolled steel sheets and ultra-low carbon cold-rolled steel sheets with excellent drawing performance are selected. In recent years, phosphorus-containing cold-rolled steel sheets with good formability and high strength, high-strength cold-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled dual-phase steel sheets, bake-hardening cold-rolled steel sheets, ultra-low carbon steel, high-strength cold-rolled steel sheets, and other types of steel sheets have been developed. Such as coated steel plates, tailor-welded steel plates and TRIP steel plates, etc., are also widely used in vehicle body parts such as door outer panels, door inner panels, door reinforcement panels, roof covers, trunk lids and bumpers.

3. Requirements for material properties of automobile frame parts

The frame, the middle plate of the carriage and some parts used for support and connection are all important bearing parts, and most of them adopt the mold forming process, which requires the material to have high strength and good plasticity, as well as fatigue durability, collision energy Absorption capacity and weldability, etc., generally use high-strength steel plates, ultra-fine grain steel plates (strength level of 300-610MPa) and ultra-high-strength plates (strength level of 610-1000MPa) with better formability.

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