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What should be paid attention to when processing sheet stainless steel drawing parts?

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  1. stamping characteristics of stainless steel sheet

1. High yield point, high hardness, obvious cold work hardening effect, and prone to cracks and other defects.

2. The thermal conductivity is worse than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, punching force and deep drawing force.

3. The plastic deformation is severely hardened during deep drawing, and the sheet is easy to wrinkle or fall off when stretched.

4. The deep drawing die is easy to produce adhesion tumor, which leads to serious scratches on the outer diameter of the part.

5. It is difficult to achieve the expected shape during deep drawing.

After reading the stamping characteristics of stainless steel sheet, let’s take a look at how to solve the problem of deep drawing of stainless steel sheet. The editor believes that these problems are determined by the characteristics of stainless steel itself, which are mainly affected by the following five factors:

1. Raw material properties

2. Die structure and stamping speed

3. Mold material

4. stamping lubricant

5. Process design

And the quality of the sheet will also affect the stamping performance, so the materials we purchase should be regular and meet the standards. For hard materials, an annealing operation should be performed before stamping to increase processability.

The above is about the processing of thin-plate stainless steel tensile parts. Have you learned it? If you don’t understand anything, you can contact the webmaster of this site, and we can communicate together!

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