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What is the automobile stamping parts?

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What is the automobile stamping parts? Factory has four big process (4 big workshop) are respectively stamping workshop, high speed press workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop. automotive stamping parts produced in stamping workshop,. Give you an example, the car shell you see all the metal case, belong to stamping parts, the basic principle is to steel plate using design to make good mould, according to the design process with the press (dozens of tons to 300 tons) pressure into the required shape. As for his role is very difficult to explain, is a steel plate by stamping workshop as stamping parts, frame, bracket, impeller, laminated core, motor housing, motor case, motor cover, motor stator, fin blanking, pads, clips, components, laminated armature, metal ring.
Ascertain the stamping on shape and dimensions of the sheet metal, is examining stamping components deformation degree, structure procedure as well as the premise with the formulation process. If sheet shape, not only the phenomenon of deformation alongside the uneven distribution of sheet metallic can be certainly improved, and also can increase the forming restrict, and might reduce the ear top, decrease trimming allowance. On top of that, for many immediately immediately after blanking forming sections, if you’re able to provide a specific sheet form and sizing, can lower The Situations of examination of the variable to shorten the generation cycle, improve the productivity. With this paper, on the basis of finite component simulation place ahead a different process for optimization of plate – proportional aspect strategy, the tactic during the adjustment in the first contour line, not the same adjustment quantity to each node a, but according to the different nodes on the scaling component and omega shape mistake value to estimate the corresponding adjustment amount, pertinence of this adjustment, the calculation outcomes extra accurate and fewer desires iteration time. And also to optimize the initial contour line, this paper Employs the finite ingredient inverse algorithm, particularly stage algorithm is received, the tactic to determine the original sheet instantly by the final shape of elements, computing pace is fast. By the mix on the two strategies, to unravel the original condition and dimensions of your sheet metal, stamping elements not simply large calculation precision, and less time-consuming. The last chapter, this paper presents two varieties of usual punching sections, a single is instantly just after blanking forming sections, the pieces demand very exact size and form in the original sheet; One more form may be the forming components, the elements of the initial sheet requirement is suitable with the condition and dimensions. The method is verified by industry is used to decide the shape of your initial sheet steel stamping areas and sizing.

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