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What are the requirements for the materials for metal stamping processing?

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When selecting the material of stamping parts, the metal stamping manufacturer must not only tap the function of use, but also write out the functional requirements of stamping processing and subsequent processes. What are the requirements for stamping materials for metal stamping parts?

1. Stamping parts have good stamping forming function.

For forming processes, such as stretching, bending, pitch difference, convex hull, etc. The material should have good stamping and forming function, that is, it has good crack resistance and good fit, otherwise the product will be easily deformed, broken, etc., making it difficult to repair the mold. For individual processing, a certain plasticity is required.

2. Do stamping parts have high nominal characteristics? The nature of the material should be flat and smooth, and its integrity is at risk. The material properties are good, it is not easy to break during molding, the mold is not easy to wear, and the quality of the parts is good.

3. The thickness of the stamping parts must meet the national standards.

Since a certain mold is only suitable for materials within a certain thickness range, if the thickness of the material is too small but too large, it will not only affect the quality of the parts, but also lead to the appearance of the product. In the process of proofing, trimming, etc., due to the large positive deviation of the thickness, it is easy to cause damage to the mold or the press.

The hardness test of the metal blanking material is important to determine whether the purchased sheet metal annealing degree is suitable for the subsequent stamping processing.

The industry calls stamping presses sheet metal forming, but there are some differences. Slab forming refers to the processing technology of slab, thin-walled tube, thin steel, etc. as raw materials, which is collectively referred to as sheet forming. In this environment, the deformation in the direction of the thick plate is usually not considered.

The above is about the relevant content of metal stamping parts processing materials. Generally speaking, the advantage of metal stamping parts processing is the metal stamping process. Because the surface of the material is not damaged, the surface quality is good, the surface is smooth and beautiful, and the metal surface is painted, electroplated, and waiting for the surface. Punishment is facilitated. Hope the above will be helpful to readers.

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