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What types of stamping dies are important for stamping parts processing?

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The production process of stamping die is the whole process of processing raw materials into stamping die parts required by design drawings through casting, forging, cutting and special processing, and then assembling the die according to technical requirements such as design and process procedures. Stamping die is an indispensable die in stamping production. Stamping dies can be basically divided into simple dies, continuous dies and composite dies.

1. Simple die

A simple die can complete a process with only one punch in the punch. That is, the simple die for blanking or punching, when the assembly drawing of the simple die is working, it is fed along the two guide plates 9 on the die and hits the positioning pin 10 . When the sheet is pressed down, the stamping (or scrap) enters the concave hole and the strip is clamped and up together with the punch. After the strip material contacts the discharge plate (fixed on the die), it is pushed down, so that the strip material continues to enter, and the above steps are repeated to flush out the second one.

2. Continuous casting mold

In one stroke of the stamping machine, the die is called a continuous die, in which multiple stamping processes are done simultaneously in different parts of the die. In operation, the DING pin 2 is aligned with the pre-punched positioning hole, the upper die moves down, the punch 1 is blanked, and the punch 4 is punched. When the upper die returns, the stripper plate 6 pushes out the rejects from the punch. At this time, the blank 7 is advanced again, and the second punching is performed. In this cycle mode, the distance of each feed is controlled by the baffle pin.

3. Double die

In one stroke, a die that completes several punching holes in the same die at the same time is called a compound die. The biggest feature of the combined mold is that there is a punch 1 in the mold. The outer circle of the punch and concave die is the cutting edge of the blanking punch, and the inner hole is the deep drawing die. When the slider moves along the convex and concave die and down, the strip falls into the concave and convex die 1 and the blanking die 4. The blanking part is held up by the drawing punch 2 in the lower die, and when the slider continues to move downward, the die moves downward to draw deeper. The ejector 5 and the discharger 3 push out the die by stretching 9 when the slider returns, which is suitable for the compound die of mass and high-precision stamping parts.

The research and development of this simple die has important practical value for cold stamping production. The reason is that compared with simple molds, it has fast production time and low manufacturing cost, which provides a more economical and effective way for trial production of some new products and mass production of stamping parts with low requirements.

Stamping die is an indispensable process equipment for stamping production. It is a technology-intensive product. The quality, production efficiency and production cost of stamping parts are directly related to the design and manufacture of molds.

As one of the important indicators to measure the level of product manufacturing in a country, the technical level of mold design and manufacturing determines the quality of the product to a large extent. advantages and new product development capabilities.

What are the types of stamping dies mentioned above that are important for stamping parts processing? Related content, in modern industrial production, various molds are widely used in production. Mold is an important process equipment for casting, forging, stamping, plastic, rubber, glass, powder metallurgy, ceramics and other industries. I hope the above is helpful to readers.

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