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What are the assembly steps of the stamping die?

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  1. Assembly steps of stamping die

1. Select the assembly reference parts. When assembling, first select the datum part. The principle of selecting the reference parts is determined according to the dependence of the main parts of the mold in the processing process. The main components that can be used as assembly reference components are punch, die, punch, guide plate and fixed plate.

2. Component assembly. Component assembly refers to the assembly work in which the mold connects two or more components into a component according to the specified technical requirements before assembly. Such as mold base assembly, punch, die, fixed plate assembly, unloading, assembly of various components of the thrust mechanism, etc. These parts should be assembled according to the function of each part to ensure the assembly accuracy of the entire stamping die.

3. Overall assembly. Final assembly is the process of combining parts and components into a complete stamping die. Before final assembly, the assembly reference parts should be selected and the assembly sequence of the upper and lower molds should be arranged.

4. Adjust the gap between the convex and concave die. When assembling the mold, the uniformity of the punch and die gap must be strictly controlled and adjusted. After adjusting the clearance, tighten the screws and pins.

The methods of adjusting the gap between convex and concave molds mainly include light transmission method, measurement method, gasket method, coating method, copper plating method, etc.

5. Inspection and debugging. After the stamping die is assembled. The assembly accuracy must be guaranteed, the specified technical requirements must be met, and the function of each part of the mold must be checked according to the technical conditions for mold acceptance. Die tryouts are carried out under actual production conditions, and adjustments and corrections are made according to the parts produced by the die. After the mold test is qualified, the mold processing and assembly are basically completed.

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