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Why the surface quality of metal stamping parts is poor

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Why is the surface quality of metal stampings poor? There are many reasons for the surface quality problems of stamping parts. For example, the surface quality of coils, sheets and molds will affect the quality of the final stamping parts. The operation during the stamping process and the clamping, taking and unloading of station instruments may also damage the surface quality of the parts. Therefore, the details should be fully considered in each link of the entire manufacturing process to avoid quality problems and affect the final product appearance.

Common undesirable phenomena of coiled materials mainly include the following aspects:

  1. There are foreign matters on the surface or inside of the steel plate;
  2. The foreign body peels off, and the coiled material is in scar like state; Poor coiled material
  3. The edges and corners of the coil are damaged;
  4. The corner (20~30mm) is deformed or wrinkled due to uneven stress;
  5. Scratches (caused by roller surface or foreign substances);
  6. Caused by roller sliding;
  7. Irregular edge damage;
  8. After foreign matters enter, press out the bulge on the back of the coil (foreign matters will disappear if dropped);
  9. Roller trace (caused by foreign matters attached to the roller);
  10. Poor materials beyond the rules;

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