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What are the requirements for stamping die processing parts materials?

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  1. Material requirements for blanking die.

The workpiece material used for thin plate punching dies requires high wear resistance and hardness, while thick plate punching dies require high fracture resistance, flexural strength and toughness in addition to high wear resistance and compressive yield point to prevent the die Broken or chipped.

2. The material requirements of the drawing die.

The material of the parts used in the mold is required to have good anti-adhesion (anti-seize), high wear resistance, hardness, certain toughness and good cutting performance, and the heat treatment deformation is small.

3. Material requirements for cold extrusion die.

Die working parts require high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance. In order to avoid impact fracture, a certain toughness is also required. Because the temperature rise during extrusion will be large, it must have certain heat resistance, fatigue resistance and thermal hardness.

In the work of blanking die, the key to ensure the life of the die is to select the die material reasonably and implement the correct heat treatment process. For different purposes of the mold, according to its working state, stress state, properties of processing materials, production batch, productivity and other factors, compare the above-mentioned required properties, and then select the variety and heat treatment process.

The above content about parts and materials in stamping die processing, stamping parts have good dimensional accuracy, the same die size, commonality and good interchangeability. I hope the above will help readers.

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