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What are the reasons for the failure of bending sheet metal processing?

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In production, there will be many defective products in product processing. These bad contents include improper angles, different heights of folded edges, two bending dies with tools, scratches and folded edges leading to hole dislocation, etc. These are all caused by human factors.

If the angle is not in place, the production pressure is not suitable (either too large or too small). Technicians need to carefully adjust the appropriate pressure to ensure the accuracy of the product’s bending angle.

The height of the folded edge is not the same, that is, the positioning of the two sides is not on the same line, and the size of the processed product is naturally different. In order to solve this problem, the operating technician needs to correct the rear positioning when processing any product.

There are obvious scratch marks on both sides of the folded edges. This phenomenon is actually because the lower mold is not clean, and iron filings fall into the grooves under the mold. To avoid the current practice, when processing products, bend them regularly. Lower tank for cleaning.

The reverse side is also a bad factor caused by human beings. It is a no-no for operators not to look at sheet metal drawings. To solve this problem, there can only be a dead way. Ask the quality personnel to confirm the quality of the processing.

In short, the above four points are the problem points that Xiaobian often sees at the scene of sheet metal processing. I will share with you here, and I hope to make similar mistakes as little as possible. It also helps readers.

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