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How does the exhaust gas temperature sensor work?

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Features and Benefits

The single-tube sensing component structure can reduce the volume.

The sensing part and the special-shaped thermistor bring high responsiveness.

Withstand engine vibration.

Detects temperatures from -40 to 1000 degrees Celsius.

Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2200 148

innovative design

The sensing element and sensing section of the EGTS are specifically designed to achieve high performance in a 90% smaller design.

reliable performance

In addition to being more compact, DENSO EGTS is also heat and vibration resistant, which means no sensor damage in the exhaust system.

high accuracy

The sensing section and the molded thermistor enable high responsiveness – the ability to respond to a sudden rise from room temperature to 1000 degrees Celsius in less than 7 seconds.

Types and Features

DENSO’s unique EGTS design and wide range of products provide the right sensor type to suit rapidly growing applications and vehicle models.

Exhaust gas temperature sensor type

response type

All DENSO sensors are highly responsive and accurate. To ensure you get the level of performance you need, we offer standard and highly responsive versions of the EGTS.

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