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What are the five processing methods commonly used in stainless steel sheet metal processing?

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  1. Five processing methods commonly used in stainless steel sheet metal processing

1. The stamping sheet metal processing manufacturer explains the method of selecting a single stamping. Precision sheet metal processing manufacturers introduce the use of a single stamping to complete the processing of metal piano parts that are scattered in circular arcs or pinholes, grids, etc., and then complete the separation of metal structures in a short time, making metal products forming.

  1. Single or repeated sheet metal processing methods. On the basis of relying on CNC machine tools, the metal parts can be stretched and formed at one time according to the selection requirements of the mold, and then the metal parts matching the existing mold can be obtained. However, if the metal parts after the above treatment do not meet the expected requirements, the processing should be repeated to form the shape.

3. Select the method of continuous cutting. This stainless steel sheet metal processing method can be divided into two types: unidirectional and multidirectional. At the same time, the multi-directional cutting method is generally suitable for the layer processing of large metals or the forming of metal holes, while the unidirectional processing method is suitable for the processing of stacking multiple metal parts. The mechanical viewing angle and function set by the continuous cutting processing method are different, and different processing effects can be achieved.

4. The method of forming the array. Relying on CNC machine tools is generally to meet the needs of mass production. Rapid machining of large sheet metal products can be accomplished by a combination of several existing dies. In this process, the style and type of sheet metal products are selected together, and then the planning of the pattern forming method template is facilitated.

5. Follow-up finishing. This blanking method, also known as cannibalization, is mainly used for post-processing of grinding and finishing metal parts. Generally speaking, the processing and grinding of this process include small round molds, small arc molds, etc., and then play a role in clear positioning and precision grinding during the processing.

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