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How to identify the quality of high-quality stretched parts?

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  1. Avoid washing: For paper air, do not use any oily cleaning; for fur parts, it is not suitable to use oily cleaning.

2. Avoid oil: The engine is filtered with dry paper. If it is stained with oil, it is easy to suck the high-concentration mixture into the cylinder, resulting in insufficient air volume, increased fuel, and reduced engine power; if the V-belt is stained with oil, it will accelerate its corrosion and aging. ; Brake shoes, dry clutch friction pads, and brake belts are stained with oil, which will threaten driving

3. Heat avoidance: The temperature of the engine is too high, and it is easy to overheat and melt and cause the cylinder. The coils of electrical equipment such as appliances are overheated and are easily scrapped.

4. Pressure avoidance: If the tire casing is stored in a pile pressure state for a long time, it will be deformed due to extrusion if it is not turned over in time; the air filter cannot be filtered if the paper filter element of the fuel filter is squeezed; the rubber oil seal, Triangular tape, tubing, etc. can not be squeezed.

5. Antifouling property: If the components of fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters are too dirty, the filtering effect will be poor. Sink radiator. The air-cooled cylinder block, cylinder head heat sink, cooler and other components are too dirty, which will lead to poor heat dissipation and high temperature.

6. Anti-reverse property: The engine cylinder head gasket cannot be installed reversely, otherwise it will cause premature ablation damage to the cylinder head gasket; the engine fan blades must not be installed reversely; the installed tires and herringbone pattern tires should be installed on the ground. Make the chevrons point to the back.

7. Avoid repetition: some parts should be used at one time. Individual drivers or maintenance personnel use them repeatedly to save or not understand the taboos, which may easily cause accidents.

8. Avoid near fire: If rubber products such as tires, triangular tapes, cylinder liner water blocking rings, and rubber oil seals are close to the fire source, they are easy to deteriorate or damage, and on the other hand, they may cause fire.

9. Avoidance: The engine valve locks should be installed in pairs. If they are missing or missing, the valve will be out of control and the piston and other components will be damaged; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, cotter pins on bolts, locking screws or spring washers Wait.

Hidden dangers when using hardware stretching parts:

1. Minimize the fillet radius of the die.

2. Increase the amount of stretch by stretching multiple times, leaving as many flanges as possible.

3. Avoid using the wrong method when designing the stretching process.

4. The blank holder of the stretched parts should be ground frequently to increase the blank holder force and prevent wrinkling. The use of copper alloy sheets such as brass, which is always placed during severe forming, is also prone to longitudinal cracks.

The above is the relevant content, thickness, shape and size of metal drawing parts processing and drawing parts materials. In the stamping process and mold design, special attention should be paid to the calculation of the blank size of the drawing parts, although the length of the drawing parts is not large. , but the depth dimension is relatively large. Hopefully the above will be helpful to readers.

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