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What are the effects of materials on the processing of stamping parts?

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  1. Punching

Blanking stipulates that the raw material should have sufficient plasticity to ensure that the material does not crack during the blanking process. After punching soft materials, punching parts with smooth cross section and small slope can be obtained. The roughness of the cross section of the hard metal stamping material after punching is large, and the thick material is a ductile material, which is prone to tearing after punching.

  1. Bending

The bending material should have sufficient plasticity and low strength limit; high plasticity sheet is not easy to crack when bending; materials with low strength limit and low elastic mold become less elastic after bending, and it is easy to obtain bending parts with accurate dimensions; for ductility Large metal stamping materials must have a large relative bending radius when bending, otherwise the material will easily crack during the entire bending process.

3. Stretching

The drawing process of the material not only stipulates that the drawing depth is as small as possible, the appearance is as simple and round as possible, but also that the material has good plasticity, otherwise it is easy to cause overall bending deformation, partial wrinkles, serious tensile cracking, etc.

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