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Tips to Remove the Auto Stamping Parts Glitch

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Jul. 01, 2019

In the process of metal stamping parts processing, sometimes the stamping parts have some burrs of different sizes, which have a certain impact on product quality. So how do we solve it? Auto Stamping Parts Exporter to tell you:

One: There are tools to remove the burrs of Auto Stamping Parts

Hole: Deburr the hole of Auto Stamping Parts using a chamfering knife or a large diameter drill bit.

Side: Use trowel, oil stone, sandpaper, whetstone.. Outer diameter: Conduc the angle of the lathe during the metal stamping process. Second, manually remove the burrs on the Auto Stamping Parts。

Electrochemical deburring: If the equipment is made, the cost is not high, economical, efficient, and useful.

Heat treated parts can also be debarred by shot peening and surface stress can be eliminated. Vibration grinding deburring (gear burn), high efficiency, quality can also be.

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