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What problems should be paid attention to when dealing with scrap metal stamping parts?

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Generally speaking, in the production process of metal stamping parts, because metal stamping parts are produced in large quantities, there will be many wastes, and we all know that dealing with these metal stamping wastes is a very dangerous job, so Generally, we use automatic equipment for processing, but some scraps have to be processed manually. So what are the problems that need to be paid attention to when dealing with metal stamping scraps early? The following Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical editor will take you to understand!

First of all, we must be clear that metal stamping waste packaging processing is divided into two types, one is automatic processing, and the other is non-automatic processing.

1. Safety measures for automatic processing of waste metal stamping parts

1. When we use ordinary plates for stamping processing, the scrap of metal stamping parts will be conveyed by the conveyor belt, because the scrap shredder is cut short, and then pressed into squares by the press.

2. The waste is wound through the take-up reel. In fact, the appearance of the take-up reel is similar to that of the strip reel. The scrap after metal stamping can be used as material for other parts. Since the take-up reel motor is independently driven, it can also be driven by a press or a feeding mechanism.  

  1. Set a cutter on the metal stamping die to cut off the waste, and then transport it to the briquetting block at the baler through the conveyor belt. When carrying out the press, be sure to separate a distance and cut it once.

2. Safety measures for non-automatic processing of scrap metal stamping parts

1. When the scraps of punching holes are discharged obliquely, the scraps should be automatically layered and crushed, and at least 100 scraps should be stored on the upper die or the lower die base. If two local wastes are grouped together, there should be enough space for stacking.

2. Try not to have sharp corners or burrs in waste disposal to prevent injury to people, and the size of waste should be appropriate to prevent operators from hurting operators when they are nearby.

3. When the waste passes through the pipeline, pay attention to the poor width and height on the straight line, which is easy to block, and try to prevent more than two kinds of waste on a pipeline from passing through.

4. The chute for removing waste must lead to the end of the backing plate and be aligned with the opening of the waste pit. When installing the chute, pay attention to whether the screws of the metal stamping die are tightened.

5. If the metal stamping waste cannot fall by its own weight, once it hangs at the cutting edge, it should be forced to fall by using throwing, ejecting and other falling aid equipment.

6. In order to ensure safety, a protective cover should be set up when non-automatic processing of metal stamping scraps nearby, and the scraps should not flow out or scatter near the operator during operation.

The above is a brief introduction to the issues that should be paid attention to when dealing with metal processing waste. It is also reminded that the personnel engaged in waste packaging must pay attention to safety and prevent the occurrence of dangerous events.

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