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Introduction of Hardware Stamping Die Blank Holder

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The blank holder of the metal stamping die is a pressing device mainly used to prevent the wrinkling of the stamping and drawing products in the drawing process. Variable blank holder control through blank holder can greatly reduce the cost and has strong practicability. The following is a brief introduction to the blank holder by the hardware stamping parts manufacturer.

  1. The blank holder is a kind of pressing part on the die used for metal stamping and drawing, which is used to prevent the wrinkling of the workpiece wall or flange during the drawing.
  2. Structure

It mainly includes the upper layer, small top pillar and lower layer. The upper layer is elastic material, the upper layer is in contact with the flange area of the slab blank, and the lower layer is connected with the top bar. A number of small top pillars are embedded between the upper layer and the lower layer through the sink. There is a small length difference between the small top pillars, generally 0.1mm. According to the actual needs, different numbers and lengths of small top pillars are embedded in different areas.

  1. Two kinds of common blank holder

(1) Elastic blank holder is divided into spring pad, rubber pad and air cushion blank holder of the press itself, which is used for processing shallow drawing parts;

(2) The rigid blank holder is applicable to the stretching or forming of large pieces with large height.

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