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Introduction to stamping parts

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Hardware stamping is a kind of metal processing parts, which can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other ways. stamping is a widely used metal processing technology, which has high efficiency and can achieve mass production. According to different application fields, stamping parts can be divided into automobile stamping parts, electronic stamping parts, medical stamping parts, etc. Next, Yiwei Precision will introduce the stamping process of the stamping die:

Generally speaking, the basic equipment of the stamping factory includes various auxiliary equipment such as shearing machine, numerical control punching machine/laser, plasma, water jet cutting machine, bending machine and uncoiler, leveling machine, deburring machine, spot welding machine, etc.

Generally, the three most important steps in a stamping die factory are cutting, stamping and folding.

Stamping parts are sometimes called metal wrenching. Generally, the metal sheet is pressed by hand or with a mold to produce plastic deformation to form the required shape and size, and it can be further welded or slightly machined. More complex parts (such as chimney, iron stove and commonly used car shell) are all sheet metal parts.

Stamping parts processing is called sheet metal processing. For example, use plates to make chimneys, iron drums, oil tanks and oil pans, ventilation pipes, etc. The main processes are shearing, punching and bending, bending, welding, riveting, etc., which requires some geometric knowledge. Modern sheet metal processes include: laser cutting, metal bonding, metal wire drawing, plasma cutting, rolling, sheet metal bending, die forging, water jet cutting, precision welding, etc.

About deep drawing

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