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How to plan and design the production standard of metal stamping parts?

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  1. Production planning of metal stamping parts

1. In the production process, a strict inspection system should be established. The first metal stamping part produced in daily production must be fully inspected and can be put into production only after the inspection is passed. At the same time, inspections should be strengthened. If an accident occurs, it should be dealt with in time.

2. During the stamping process, the mold cavity should be kept clean, and the workpieces that should be arranged in the workplace should be placed neatly.

3. Adhere to a civilized production system. For example, the transmission of metal stamping parts and accessories must use appropriate station equipment, otherwise it will affect the surface quality of the workpiece.

2. Metal stamping design standards

1. When designing metal stamping parts, it should be ensured that the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements are as low as possible, which is conducive to the exchange between metal stamping parts, reducing waste, and ensuring the stability of the quality of metal stamping parts.

2. When designing metal stamping parts, the existing equipment, process equipment and process should be used as much as possible to process metal stamping parts to prolong the service life of stamping dies.

3. The designed stamping parts must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, and reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible; if allowed, use low-cost materials to make the parts as free as possible and reduce scrap Blanking.

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