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Are the process steps of spur gear processing troublesome?

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First, the general steps of gear processing

1. Forging base blank

In order to obtain a reliable and stable use effect of the spur gear, the blank of the spur gear needs to be produced during the processing, and the quality of the blank will affect the later use effect, so this is a very critical step.

2. Turning operations

After the normal operating system is performed based on the spur gear blank, the turning operation can be performed. This is also a very important point. If the spur gear processing can be performed normally, the turning operator can ensure the accuracy of the spur gear. Because we need to use the lathe for analysis and processing, the accuracy will continue to improve.

3. Finish the grinding process

After the spur gear turning process is completed, it needs to be forged and ground. This method of operation is to ensure the quality of the products used for the spur gears, because the forged spur gears can show good load-carrying capacity and have good hardness, so they will be safer and more reliable to use.

4. Rolling and shaping

Ordinary gear hobbing machines and gear shaping machines are still widely used in the gear processing equipment. Although the adjustment and maintenance are convenient, the production efficiency is low. If a large production capacity is achieved, multiple machines are required to produce at the same time. With the development of coating technology, the re-coating of hob and plunger after sharpening is very convenient, and the service life of the coated tool can be significantly improved, generally by more than 90%, which effectively reduces the number of tool changes. And sharpening time, the benefit is significant.

5. Shaving

Radial shaving technology is widely used in mass gear production due to its advantages of high efficiency, easy realization of modified tooth shape and tooth direction.

6. Heat treatment

Gears require carburizing and quenching to ensure their good mechanical properties. Stable and reliable heat treatment equipment is essential for products that are no longer subjected to grinding after heat treatment.

7. Grinding

It is mainly to finish the heat-treated gear inner hole, end face, shaft outer diameter and other parts to improve dimensional accuracy and reduce shape and position tolerance. Gear machining adopts pitch circle clamp to locate and clamp, which can effectively ensure the machining accuracy of tooth and installation reference, and obtain satisfactory product quality.

8. Dressing

Check and clean the teeth for bumps and burrs before assembling the gears to eliminate the abnormal noise caused by them after assembly. This is done by listening to the sound of a single pair of meshes or by observing the mesh deviation on a comprehensive checker. The housing parts in the produced transmission include clutch housing, transmission housing and differential housing. Clutch housing and transmission housing are load-bearing parts, which are generally made of die-casting aluminum alloy by die-casting with special molds. The shape is irregular and complex. Bearing hole and locating pin hole → cleaning → leak test detection.

Spur gear processing is a detailed work process that cannot be ignored. This is very important and should be taken seriously.

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