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Characteristics of precision stamping parts

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Characteristics of precision stamping parts

Automotive precision stamping parts are metal stamping parts used in automobiles. Support, end cover, cover, spring seat, dust cover, etc. are all precision stamping parts of automobiles. It places high demands on accuracy. Let’s first understand the characteristics of automotive precision stamping parts, so as to select the appropriate processing technology and materials. Produce products satisfying customers

Automotive precision stamping parts.

1. Finished automotive precision stamping parts have light weight, good rigidity and high strength.

2. The surface of the material will not be damaged in the stamping process, so it can have good surface quality. And then paint, electroplating and other surface treatment on it, you can get better effects, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful and smooth.

3. High dimensional accuracy, uniform size of the same module, good interchangeability, and general assembly and use requirements. If there is no special requirement, it can be used directly.

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