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What is the role of resilience in the processing and forming of metal drawing parts?

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Electromagnetic forming of metal, metal drawing parts is a forming process. Forming can not only expand the forming range of aluminum alloys, but also improve the formability of aluminum alloys. The specific method of forming aluminum alloy covers using composite stamping is to fit electromagnetic coils into the sharp corners and difficult-to-form contours of aluminum alloy covers. It is formed by electromagnetic method, and then a pair of molds are formed on a press, and then deformed with electromagnetic coils.

The results show that this composite forming method can obtain aluminum alloy coverings that are difficult to obtain by a single stamping method. The present invention can also be used for the connection of metal drawing parts formed products in the punching machine and the composite molding of various products. This method can be used to stamp and form many difficult-to-form materials, such as magnesium alloys, titanium alloys, etc. Since punching requires the punching machine to stop during the descending process to ensure the heating time of the material, the CNC crankshaft servo motor punching machine, punching can also be realized in the punching die, and the composite processing including tapping, riveting and other processes effectively expands the punching The range of processing has laid a solid foundation for the popularization and application of magnesium alloys in the plastic processing industry.

1. The rebound effect of the hardware puller during the forming process

1. Thickness of stamping material: The thickness of the plate has an important influence on the bending performance during the forming process. The larger the plate thickness, the smaller the springback phenomenon, the reason is that with the increase of plate thickness, the more plastically deformed material, the greater the elastic recovery deformation, and the smaller the springback. Due to the continuous improvement of the strength of the thick plate material, the problem of the dimensional accuracy of the parts is becoming more and more prominent. The mold design and post-process debugging need to have a certain understanding of the nature and size of the springback, so as to take corresponding countermeasures and remedial measures.

2. Die drawbeads: Die drawbeads are widely used in today’s technology. Correctly setting the stretch position can change the flow direction of the material and distribute resistance on the press surface. Therefore, to improve the formability of the material, set tensile ribs on the parts that are easy to rebound, so that the more fully formed the parts, the more uniform the stress distribution, and the smaller the rebound.

3. Mechanical properties of stamping materials: There are metal stamping parts of different strengths on automobiles. From ordinary steel plates to steel plates, the yield strength of different plates is different. The higher the yield strength of the board, the easier it is to bounce back. This is the DP series of dual-phase high-strength steels.

4. Stripping edge blanking pressure: stripper blank blanking forming is an important technological measure. By continuously optimizing the blank holder force, the flow direction of the material can be adjusted and the stress distribution of the material can be improved. Increasing the blank holder can make the part stretch more fully, especially if the side wall and the R angle of the part are sufficiently formed, the internal stress difference will be reduced, and the springback will be reduced.

5. Shape and complexity of stamping parts: parts of different shapes are very different. Parts with complex shapes are generally formed at one time to prevent springback due to improper molding. In addition, some special-shaped parts are easier to spring back, such as U-shaped parts, when analyzing the forming, the springback compensation problem should be considered.

The above is the relevant content of hardware drawing parts processing. The production and processing products of high-quality stretched parts should be made of high-quality metal or non-metallic plates; secondly, the surface of the material will not be damaged during the stamping process; in addition, the production and processing products of stretched parts have good dimensional accuracy. Only the above three points can be said to be the production and processing products of high-quality stretched parts. I hope the above will be useful to readers.

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