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Causes and Solutions of Stamping Scrap

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There will be stamping scrap during the stamping process of metal stamping parts, especially in the case of mass production, the production of scrap will increase costs, affect production efficiency and reduce the durability of molds. In this paper, we will introduce the possible causes of stamping scrap and the corresponding solutions.

  1. Reasons

(1) The quality of the steel purchased does not meet the national standards, such as unstable materials, out of tolerance dimensions, and unqualified surface accuracy.

(2) The stamping die is not installed and used correctly.

(3) After the die is used for a long time, the gap becomes larger or the die accessories are worn, leading to waste products.

(4) During the stamping process, the mold needs to withstand a huge impact force, resulting in the loosening of bolts or other accessories, which affects the normal production of the entire mold.

(5) In the process of operation, the puncher did not strictly install the positioning device for feeding.

(6) The stamping worker did not produce according to the operation manual formulated by the company.

  1. Solutions

(1) When purchasing raw materials, it is necessary to strictly install the standard of Guo. Try to choose regular steel dealers or products from large steel plants; Test the composition, surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of steel or obtain the material report from the supplier.

(2) The punches and stamping dies used in the factory shall always be in a stable running state, and they shall be regularly maintained and overhauled.

(3) During stamping, the die shall be kept clean, and the workpieces and raw materials in the workshop shall be placed in order.

(4) Proper tools must be used for feeding and picking up to avoid scratching the products.

(5) After the stamping process is designed, the stamping workers shall operate in strict accordance with the process rules. Each stamping product has a different stamping process, and the management shall formulate the corresponding process rules before processing the product.

(6) Formulate perfect quality inspection regulations. The first batch of products must be completely inspected before formal production, and regular sampling inspection shall be conducted during production.

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