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What are the applications of laser in sheet metal?

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The processing steps of sheet metal processing parts are: product preliminary experiment, product processing trial production and product batch production. In the process of product processing and trial production, customers should communicate with customers in a timely manner, and after obtaining corresponding processing evaluations, mass production of products should be carried out.

Laser drilling technology is a relatively early practical laser technology in laser material processing technology.

Laser drilling in sheet metal workshops generally uses pulsed lasers with high energy density and relatively short time. It can process small holes of 1 μm, especially suitable for processing small holes with a certain angle and thinner materials, as well as deep holes and tiny holes on parts of high strength, high hardness or brittle soft materials.

The burner parts of the gas turbine can be drilled with lasers, and the drilling effect can achieve three-dimensional orientation, and the number can reach thousands. Perforable materials include stainless steel, Inconel and HASTELLOY based alloys. Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, and it is easier to automate.

With the development of laser drilling technology, the current laser drilling machine has realized automatic operation. Its application in the sheet metal industry has changed the processing method of traditional sheet metal technology, realized unmanned operation, and provided a lot of production efficiency , realizes fully automatic operation, promotes the development of sheet metal economy, the punching effect is improved by a grade, and the processing effect is also more obvious.

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