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What are the parts of the design and processing of metal stamping parts?

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  1. stamping parts must meet the requirements of product use and technical performance, and be easy to assemble and maintain.

2. Where permitted, stamped parts must help improve material utilization, reduce material types and specifications, and use low-cost materials.

3. In order to simplify the mold structure and optimize the number of processes, the stamping parts must be simple, and there is a simple punching step, that is, to complete the processing of all parts. Try not to use other processing methods that are conducive to stamping operations, easy to organize, and achieve mechanized and automatic production to improve labor productivity.

4. The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of sleeve pressing parts should be minimized.

5. The design of stamping parts should be processed with existing equipment, process equipment and process flow as much as possible to improve the service life of stamping dies.

Due to the wide application of metal stamping dies, the popularity of stamping parts and changes in processing technology, there are many factors affecting the performance of metal stamping dies. The production process of metal stamping dies mainly includes:

1. The production process of metal stamping dies includes

(1), raw materials

(2), mold

(3), punch

There are many kinds of stamping materials, and stainless steel is the most widely used. Most stamped products are made from steel sheet materials through stamping dies. Stamping hardware products can be seen everywhere in our lives.

2. What are the metal stamping dies?

1. Furniture hardware accessories

2. Home appliance stamping parts

3. Home kitchen supplies

4. Automobile stamping parts

5. Body

6. Chassis

7. Auto booster

8. Car brake pads

9. Radiator

The above molds are all made by stamping. The material requirements for stamping parts are high, such as hardness, strength, tensile, corrosion resistance, surface quality and plasticity, and the accurate thickness is considered.

With the rapid development of the industry, the variety of molds continues to increase, and the mold design is more and more accurate and complex. The qualification rate of stamping parts is closely related to whether the mold design is reasonable. The forming, surface quality, dimensional tolerance and product qualification rate of stamping parts are related to the design of the die process structure. Simply put, the process technology of a product is usually a single process. Multiple process, progressive or compound tooling is available if product processing license is available.

Stamping equipment is the most widely used hydraulic press in the factory. Punch is divided into ordinary punch and high-speed punch. Generally speaking, if most of the processes can solve production problems with high-speed punching or multiple processes, the key factors in making qualified products are advanced stamping equipment and die technology.

The above is the relevant content of the design and processing of metal stamping parts. Under the premise of ensuring factors, the correct use and maintenance of metal stamping dies is also to improve the quality of stamping dies. Because metal stamping dies will shorten the service life of stamping dies if they are used and maintained improperly, regular inspection of abrasive tools can make the processing of stamping parts more accurate. I hope the above will help readers.

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