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What are the reasons for poor sheet metal processing?

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In the actual production, the requirements for product quality are still rising, and the program matching the product is also improving. In the past, there were limited automatic expansion procedures. Only a few models can be expanded. Now basically all 3D The software can do the expansion effect. Why are there still defective products in such a situation? Let’s analyze the reasons for the defective products, taking the CNC punching machine as an example.

CNC punching machine sounds like a device for making precision parts. In fact, some of the samples made by CNC are defective. Most of the bad reasons are due to artificial blindness. Such as engineers, operating technicians operating NCT, and raw materials used.

The engineer’s fault is often caused by the habitual input of the thickness of a certain material, and the bending coefficient is related to the thickness of the plate; the operator’s error is also manifested in carelessness. After importing the product arranging table, it is necessary to adjust the coordinates of the parts. , the usual cause of failure is that incorrect coordinates are entered; and a material cannot be produced according to the actual thickness. It is also possible that materials are not used in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, such as smooth stainless steel, single-sand-surface stainless steel, double-sand-surface stainless steel, etc., one material is required, and other replacements are bad. It is not easy to make mistakes in the digital punching of sheet metal parts, and there are so many bad reasons. Most processes rely on precision equipment processing, and labor is only auxiliary work. This problem is a practical problem encountered by the editor in the realization of the NCT workshop, and I hope it can help readers.

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