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What types of precision stamping parts are there?

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  1. Types of precision metal stamping parts

1. Electrical iron cores: mainly include E-shaped transformer cores, EI-shaped transformer cores, I-shaped transformer cores, and other transformer cores.

2. Auto parts: mainly include automotive structural parts, automotive functional parts, automotive lathe parts, automotive relays, etc.

3. Heat exchanger fins: mainly include industrial heat exchanger fins, household heat exchanger fins, automotive heat exchanger fins, etc.

4. Appliance parts: mainly include large appliance parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, small appliance parts, various structural parts and functional parts, etc.

5. Motor core: mainly includes single-phase series motor core, single-phase household motor core, single-phase shaded-pole motor core, permanent magnet DC motor core, industrial motor core, plastic sealed stator core, etc.

6. IC integrated circuit lead structure: It mainly includes discrete device lead structure and integrated circuit lead structure.

7. Electronic parts: mainly including connecting devices, connectors, brush parts, electrical terminals, elastic parts, etc.

8. Other types of parts: mainly include instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustic and camera parts, modern office parts, daily hardware parts, etc.

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