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Comparison of traditional punching method processing and laser cutting of hardware

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Whether it is from the quality, packaging and supply of stainless steel hardware products, or the research and development and extension of stainless steel hardware tool products, it is unanimously praised and praised. The development advantages of domestic stainless steel hardware tools, the production centers of multinational stainless steel hardware companies have been transferred to China, allowing domestic stainless steel hardware tools to provide a basis for the market.

It is often used in modern hardware processing and manufacturing. In the traditional processing industry in the past, the processing method of die punch was mainly used to process the hardware. According to the shape required by the customer, the mold is opened, all the molds are evenly installed on the punching machine, and the workpiece is formed at one time by the large punching force. This method is suitable for large-scale hardware production, and the speed is very fast, and it only needs to be stamped once to form. However, this method of processing also has disadvantages. For example, there are a lot of burrs in the stamped workpiece. For example, mold making and mold maintenance cost a certain amount of cost and development cycle.

With the continuous development of current laser technology, hardware has gradually begun to be widely used in laser cutting for processing. The use of laser cutting machine to process hardware avoids the cost of molds and effectively improves the quality of cutting. The shape and size of the workpiece to be cut can be drawn with CAD drawings, and then written into the equipment program, and the shape required by the workpiece can be quickly cut.

Compared with laser cutting, stamping also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the punch is not limited by the mold, one punch can be equipped with multiple sets of molds, and the speed of one punch is also very fast. The disadvantage is that the punch is very limited by shape, format, material and thickness. Therefore, the use of punching machines to process workpieces and sheet metal with simple shapes has great advantages.

Because the laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, large production volume, short production cycle, good cutting quality, no deformation during processing, no mold opening, no wear, labor cost saving, no shape restriction, high degree of automation, suitable for all metal materials The laser cutting method is called a technological revolution in sheet metal processing in the industry, and it is also widely recognized by the sheet metal processing industry. At present, the metal sheet is as thin as 1mm and as thick as more than 50mm, and the metal laser cutting method is widely used. At the same time, metal laser cutting machines are also developing in the direction of high power, which means that the future metal laser cutting field will be more suitable for thick metal processing and higher-speed metal laser processing.

In the context of Made in China 2025, the sheet metal processing industry is also transforming and developing in the direction of high efficiency and high quality. Metal laser cutting technology is in line with this characteristic, so its wide application in the sheet metal processing industry has promoted the rapid development in the past five years. High-precision, high-speed, laser cutting technology makes sheet metal processing products higher in quality and efficiency!

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