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Silicone mold production process and common problems

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First, the choice of mold

The selection of the mold opening form and the selection of the mold line are very important. First, it is convenient to take the mold. Second, the mold line does not affect the overall effect of the product. Third, it does not affect the product quality. If there are too many materials, product cracking is prone to occur; the fourth is to reduce the process operation process, such as opening half of the mold.

Second, the mold processing

1. In order to prevent the silicone from flowing around, fix the mold with a wooden square or a wooden board within the specified range. When opening the mold, use a wooden board and sludge to separate the first part. It is required that there is no gap between the sludge and the mold, and the surface of the sludge is smooth and flat. .

2. Apply petroleum jelly or spray release agent on the plaster mold or mold. Smooth products need to apply Vaseline evenly with a clean cotton cloth, keep it for 30 minutes, so that the mold can fully absorb the Vaseline, and then wipe the surface of the mold with a clean cotton cloth, the surface is required to be bright; for textured products, just apply Vaseline evenly. , the silicone is adjusted according to the formula.

3. The silica gel should be stirred in an irregular direction, so that the curing agent and the silica gel are fully mixed, and the air mixed into the glue should be minimized.

3. Matters needing attention

After the mold is made, it is necessary to make a plaster or glass fiber reinforced plastic jacket to support the silicone soft mold. Note:

1. Mold line selection: choose the position that does not affect the appearance of the product; the position that is easy to process after grouting; the position that the mold itself is easy to disassemble; the position that the product is not easily deformed.

2. Do not blindly increase the amount of hardener to catch up with the production schedule, otherwise the service life of the silicone mold will be greatly reduced.  

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