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According to the processing method of the product, what types of stamping dies can be divided into?

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  1. What types of stamping dies can be divided into?

According to different product processing methods, molds can be divided into five categories: punching and shearing molds, bending molds, drawing molds, forming molds and compression molds.

1. Punching and shearing die: The work is completed by shearing. Commonly used forms are shearing dies, blanking dies, punching dies, trimming dies, edge-forming dies, punching dies, and punching dies.

2. Bending die: It is a shape that bends the flat blank into an angle. Depending on the shape, precision and production volume of the parts, there are many different forms of dies, such as ordinary bending dies, cam bending dies, curling dies Dies, arc bending dies, bending punching dies and twisting dies, etc.

3. Drawing mold: Drawing mold is to make flat blank into seamless container with bottom.

4. Forming die: refers to changing the shape of the blank by various local deformation methods, and its forms include protrusion forming, curl forming die, necking forming die, hole flange forming die, and round edge forming die.

5. Compression mold: use strong pressure to flow and deform the metal blank into the desired shape. Types include extrusion dies, embossing dies, imprinting dies and end press dies.

Here we share the classification of processing methods of stamping die products. If you have any other questions, you can also consult us! We are a manufacturer of stamping molds, continuous stamping molds, metal stamping molds, continuous molds, school tool molds and other mold processing manufacturers. Feel free to contact us!

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