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What is the application of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing?

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The compressed air-assisted cutting of laser cutting machines can also achieve the same cutting edge quality as oxygen or nitrogen. The cut edges need to be cleaned thoroughly to allow most of the powder coat to adhere, no need to wash twice. The size of the resonator is a major limitation for compressed air-assisted laser cutting. But now, high-power laser cutters, at 4000w, are an effective way to air-assisted cutting steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with thicknesses up to 1/8 inch (about 3 mm).

A laser cutter with a 6000w resonator can cut to 3/8 inch (about 9.5mm) material thickness. This discovery has changed the manufacturing and assembly methods of Palmyra, Missouri, Inc. (Doyle) for 50 years, and Cincinnati Inc. (cincinnati inc.) will reduce processing time by 90% with a cl-940 fiber laser Cutting machines and using nitrogen are only a fraction of the cost of the original air-assisted gas fiber laser cutting systems. “This new fiber laser cutter is a game-changer and changes the way we think about product manufacturing,” Doyle said.

In fact, laser technology continues to amaze us and innovate the way the industry has been around for years. In recent years, the hcf3015i series fiber laser industry has promoted the Huineng photoelectric cutting machine, fiber transmission, and flexible processing this year to meet various processing needs. 1mm stainless steel plate, the maximum cutting speed is 22 meters per minute, and 0.5mm stainless steel plate, the maximum cutting speed can reach 40 meters per year. The hcf3015i series is equipped with a double switch table, while the header is equipped with a handle ball, easy plate movement; a rough positioning device to the plate positioning clip, while preventing movement, high machining accuracy and reducing waste.

In terms of laser cutting, there is no shortage of well-known high-power lasers in China. Recently, it has been reported that the innovative layout of new technologies reflects grand plans and lofty aspirations in South Korea’s next-step research and development in the fields of laser manufacturing, high-power cutting and welding, industrial robots, and robot-based equipment.

In the on-site metal sheet cutting, the Han g3015f fiber laser cutting machine is also very famous. It is the earliest laser in China and has reached the international advanced level. It is a mature product that has successfully won many industry awards. The g3015f adopts optical fiber transmission and flexible processing to achieve high-quality cutting of any shape, suitable for cutting high-return materials such as copper and aluminum. This series of products has the advantages of strong cutting ability, fast flying speed, low operating cost, good stability, high processing quality and strong adaptability.

Among them, the cutting speed of 1mm stainless steel is 40m/min, and the cutting speed of 0.5mm stainless steel is 100m/min.

The invisible hero, the invisible hero behind the laser cutter, makes the processing fly and speak for itself. Maximum power 10000w TRUMPF TruFlow series CO2 laser can be used for laser cutting, laser welding and surface treatment. Folded into a square structure, and the temperature of the gas laser is always stable under all vibrational components of thermal load, enabling thermal stability and excellent mechanical stability, the laser truflow series. After decades of development, this series of lasers enables users to obtain repeatable high-quality processing results at any time.

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