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What are the requirements and conditions for qualified metal stamping parts?

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  1. What are the requirements for qualified metal stamping parts?
  1. The basic performance of metal stamping parts processing products must be met. The assembly and maintenance of products need to be fast, convenient and trouble-free.

2. The products processed by metal stamping parts are simple in shape and reasonable in structure, which is conducive to the processing of molds, that is, the processing of the entire part is completed within the entire part time, and the mechanization and automation of production can be quickly realized to improve production efficiency.

3. The existing material equipment, process equipment and process flow should be processed with metal stamping parts as much as possible, and the service life of the stamping die can be guaranteed.

4. Under the condition of ensuring the normal use of metal stamping parts, the use size can be calculated reasonably, the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness can be reduced, and the same size can be stamped together to reduce scrap and loss.

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