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What are the key conditions in the forming process of stamping parts?

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In fact, the so-called performance is mainly worth the forming limit, moldability and shape freezing of stamping parts. Among them, the forming limit mainly refers to the maximum deformation degree of the raw material of the stamping part during the forming process, and on the premise of ensuring no cracking. In many cases, we consider the forming limit to be the fracture resistance of the material, that is, the better the fracture resistance of the stamped material, the higher the forming limit.

And mold fit and shape freezing refers to the ability of the material to obtain the shape of the mold during the stamping process and to obtain the shape in the mold. There are many influencing factors. Pay attention to all aspects and try to avoid the influence of the material properties by the impression concept stock, so that the shape error of the stamping parts is large.

The above is the key point in the forming process of stamping parts introduced by Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical Editor and everyone. Do you have more understanding of stamping parts after reading it? I hope that my friends can help you after reading the above content.

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