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What are the bad reasons for welding sheet metal processing?

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  1. What are the reasons for the poor welding of sheet metal processing?

    There are common bad causes such as false welding, undercut, and welding through. We all know that welding is all about power. Normally, the voltage is fixed. The reasons for false welding include insufficient current and insufficient welding time. The countermeasure is to increase the welding current or appropriately extend the welding time to avoid false welding. It is recommended to increase the welding current appropriately to avoid false welding more effectively.

  1. How does undercutting produce adverse phenomena?

There are two main reasons:

1. The welding control of Welding Brothers is not very good. The molten iron is blown away from the arc blowing force to form a pit.

2. If the current is too large, the front of the product will not fall off under no pressure.

3. How does the welding penetration cause the bad phenomenon?

1. The welding current is too large. Reduce the welding current.

2. The root gap is too large, and the cutting is not accurate. This can only be improved by the skill of the cutting master.

3. The welding speed is too slow, just speed up the welding speed.

4. The blunt edge is too small to reduce the root gap. According to the thickness of the workpiece, select the appropriate groove.

5. The welding arc stays for too long in a certain period, try to avoid the arc staying in a certain period for a long time.  

Well, the above is the relevant content about the reasons for poor welding sheet metal processing, I hope the above content will be helpful to readers!

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