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What affects the stability of stamping processing

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What affects the stability of stamping? First of all, we need to know that this stability can be divided into process stability and production stability. The former guarantees the quality of stamping products, and the latter guarantees the production capacity of stamping manufacturers. It can be seen that both are very important. The factors affecting stability are summarized as follows.

  1. The performance of stamping materials, the fluctuation of thickness, the variation range of materials and other factors have a certain impact on the quality of metal stamping parts and the stability of stamping dies;
  2. The selection of stamping die materials and the strength design of die structures are directly related to the stability of metal stamping parts;
  3. The resistance of draw bead and the variation range of blank holder force play an important role in the quality stability of metal stamping parts during drawing.
  4. The reasonable selection of lubricant will directly affect the stability of stamping and the service life of stamping die.

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