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Sheet metal stamping

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The sheet metal stamping process converts hot or cold rolled sheets of steel by stamping them into the shapes needed to create your part. This technique allows a large quantity of components to be produced simultaneously, but it can also lead to around 15 percent of the raw material becoming scrap. The equipment used for this method requires less space than other methods, so if you have limited space, this type of manufacturing may work best for your business. When using sheet metal stamping, three main types of dies are used—blanking, piercing and bending.

Blanking involves cutting a part out of a sheet of metal. This is done by striking the sheet with a punch diewhichshearsit to the desired shape. The edge of the punched piece will have a burr on it, so it will need to be filed or machined before use.

Piercing punches a hole in a sheet of metal by placing the sheet metal between two punch dies and forcing them together.

Bending is shaping metal by using pressure from a die to deform it. This type of stamping is often used to create parts with curves.

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