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Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Technical aspects: During Sheet Metal Fabrication, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing investment, workers are required to strictly follow the consumption standards to complete the work process. Before each processing, the application must stop reviewing the application status of the data. Ability to stop processing at will. Many of the processing industry’s costs are due to the lack of good data before processing, so staff must first understand the types of processing data, check data specifications and models, and make good preparations to prevent errors during processing. It can also reduce the amount of waste, and workers should pay attention to these issues during processing.

To measure the quality of a sheet metal processing plant, first, look at the incomplete equipment; second, look at the skills of its operators; third, look at the order of the processes.

First, TOX riveting

The connected piece is pressed into the female die through a simple male die. Under further pressure, the data in the die is “moved” outward. The result is a round joint with no sharp edges and no burrs, and it will not affect its corrosion resistance. Even externally plated or spray painted plates can also retain the original rust and corrosion resistance characteristics. The paint layer also deforms with it. The material is squeezed to both ends, into the plate on the side of the die, and then forms a TOX connection point.

Rivet riveting

This type of rivet is often called rivet, and riveting two plates together is called rivet.

Third, hole riveting

One part in the middle is a drawing hole, and the other part is a counterbore. After being riveted, it becomes an inseparable joint. Superiority: The sinkhole with which the hole is matched has the positioning function itself. The riveting strength is high, and the riveting efficiency through the mold is also higher.

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