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Do you know how to install the punch of the stamping die?

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First, remove the eroded mud in the hole of the punch fixing plate of the stamping die, fix the punch on the back of the plate, and chamfer (0.5 ~ 1.5) mm × 45 along the periphery of the cavity. The size of the chamfer depends on the stress of the mold. Chamfer the edge of the punch in the die about 0.25mm×45 around the contour.

The line cutting marks on the edge end of the punch die in the punching die are slightly ground with a fine sand bar or a diamond file to facilitate the punch to enter the fixing plate, the tail should be left at a distance without repairing, and its length should be slightly greater than or equal to the fixing plate thickness of.

Place a contour block whose height is greater than the length of the punch under the fixing plate and press the punch into the fixing plate; this work should be divided into several steps. When the punch enters the fixing plate and can stand upright, measure the perpendicularity between each other, and then measure when entering 1/3 and 1/2 respectively. If deviation is found, it should be corrected in time, and then continue to be confirmed.

If the number of punches is large or the size is small, the stripper should be aligned with the die, and the punch should be aligned with the stripper.

When the punch enters the fixed plate, the length of the tail end is 3~5mm left, stop pressing, heat the edge line of the tail end of the punch with an oxygen-acetylene flame, and hit it quickly with a small hammer to expand the red hot part; completely cooled After that, the punch is fully pressed into the fixing plate.

Using contoured tires, grind the upper flat and punch end flat with the lower flat of the retaining plate.

Based on the plane of the fixed plate, the stripper plate is sleeved on the punch, so that its working surface is slightly lower than the punch, and the chamfer of the working section of the punch is ground to a sharp edge.

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